Nursing Professional Practice Model | Tampa General Hospital

As evidenced by our Magnet® designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), Tampa General Hospital is widely known and respected for its excellence in nursing. Through our Nursing Professional Practice Model, we provide our nurses with the support and tools they need to succeed and excel at every stage of their career.

Developed by nurses for nurses, TGH’s Nursing Professional Practice Model serves as the framework of our nursing practice, aligning and integrating its mission and values with our overall hospital mission and values. As such, it unifies us all on the path toward providing world-class patient care.

How we define our Nursing Practice

As an expression of TGH’s nursing practice philosophy and values, our Nursing Professional Practice Model describes the various aspects of nursing in a way that brings significance to our nurses’ daily work, provides them with clarity of purpose and strengthens their professional identity. More specifically, it includes several key components that represent the multiple dimensions of nursing at TGH:

  • Values – We prioritize compassion, integrity, advocacy, respect, accountability and competency in nursing.
  • Professional relationships – We establish interdisciplinary partnerships, foster professional rapport and facilitate effective communication.
  • Care delivery model – We deliver multispecialty, patient-centered care with the support of our patients’ families and our local community.
  • Recognition and rewards – We provide our nurses with meaningful recognition of their exemplary practice and promote their professional advancement.
  • Governance – We inspire collaborative decision-making based on a shared vision and mutual trust and respect.

In addition to driving our nursing strategic plan, our Nursing Professional Practice Model establishes clear goals and expectations for our nurses, describing how they communicate, collaborate, lead and develop professionally. It also provides our nurses with essential bedside guidance, helping them to compassionately deliver evidence-based, technologically precise patient care.

TGH’s Nursing Professional Practice Model reflects our dedication to supporting our nurses in the vital work they perform every day. Our commitment to our patients, their families, our community and each other is truly second to none.