TGH's Operating Model

At Tampa General Hospital, we believe the key to driving positive and sustainable health care change is creating a distinct and compelling operating model supported by well-defined strategic pillars. Serving as a blueprint for everything we do, our operating model:

  • Illustrates how we work toward our vision
  • Guides how we treat our patients and each other
  • Serves as a compass for our decision-making

We Begin With a Clear Vision

TGH's vision is to be the safest and most innovative academic health system in America. Our vision provides a sense of purpose to our team members and helps us stay focused as we work toward improvement.

Achieve & Sustain Operational Excellence

TGH's strategic pillars provide a framework to help us achieve our vision by describing our key areas of focus:

Embrace & Enhance Quality, Patient Satisfaction & Value

We consistently strive for clinical excellence and patient satisfaction while demonstrating our value as an organization to the community.

Achieve & Sustain Operational Excellence

TGH is committed to running operations as efficiently and responsibly as possible. Our results support our continued growth and innovation.

Become the Best Place to Work Through Talent Management & Team Member Development & Engagement

At TGH, we understand that people make an organization. To that end, we recruit the people best suited for open positions and who will add to and expand our culture. Then we support our team members and promote long-term satisfaction with opportunities to develop career trajectories and fully engage with their job, leaders and the organization.

Gain Acceptance & Optimize Physician Alignment Strategies

We foster collaborative doctor-hospital relationships to ensure superior outcomes, lower costs and positive patient experiences.

Drive Market Strategy & Growth Through Expansion of Care Continuum Capabilities

Our patients are why we do what we do, so we offer comprehensive services that evolve with the patient over time, meeting them when and where they need us most.

Become Consumer-Focused & Retail Ready

TGH is redefining access to healthcare for every patient, offering primary care, urgent care, virtual care, and other world-class healthcare services in a variety of settings to meet patient demand.

By clearly defining our strategic pillars, we ensure that everyone in our organization is working toward the same goals and that every decision we make supports our overall vision. As we forge ahead, we will continually ask ourselves:

  • What are we trying to accomplish?
  • How will we know that a change is an improvement?
  • What changes can we make that will result in improvement?

Based on our answers, we will refine our course as necessary to stay on track to achieve our vision.

We Work With a Shared Purpose

Everyone at Tampa General Hospital is unified by a shared purpose:
We heal. We teach. We innovate. Care for everyone. Every day.