Our Vision & Values | Tampa General Hospital

Our Vision & Values

At Tampa General Hospital, our vision is to be the safest, most innovative academic health system in America. As we work toward this vision, our journey is guided by five core values:


We do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. We practice integrity by:

  • Building trust and reducing fear through ethical, honest and transparent interactions
  • Protecting the privacy of our patients and safeguarding confidential information
  • Reporting errors and escalating concerns in a timely manner
  • Building trust and reducing fear through ethical, honest and transparent interactions
  • Listening carefully to ensure open and honest communication
  • Apologizing when necessary without making excuses or blaming others
  • Doing what we say we will do


We treat everyone with dignity and respect. We show compassion by:

  • Treating those we serve and each other with genuine kindness
  • Providing a warm and culturally appropriate welcome to everyone
  • Explaining all aspects of every encounter, including the time required and any delays, and providing timely updates
  • Anticipating and meeting the needs of others
  • Demonstrating empathy toward others by acknowledging their situation, identifying their needs and responding with care and concern
  • Recognizing the suffering of others and taking active steps to provide comfort


We take responsibility for the patients and resources entrusted to our care. We stay accountable by:

  • Providing exceptional care in a responsible manner
  • Fostering a welcoming environment by not using or displaying personal property in public areas
  • Valuing diversity and treating everyone with dignity, respect and courtesy
  • Taking ownership of the outcomes that result from our choices, behaviors and actions
  • Showing pride in our facilities by keeping them neat and clean
  • Using our supplies, equipment and facilities in a safe and efficient manner


We work to achieve the best possible outcomes and strive for excellence by:

  • Producing high-quality results in a professional manner using evidence-based practices
  • Protecting our patients by adhering to patient safety guidelines, including proper hand hygiene
  • Maintaining a safe, clean and quiet environment
  • Representing our patients, organization and co-workers in a positive way
  • Completing our work accurately and on time
  • Following all dress codes and appearance policies


As agents of change, we operate with transparency, even in the face of challenges. We demonstrate courage by:

  • Seeking opportunities to challenge the status quo in a respectful way
  • Advocating for positive change and being open to feedback
  • Sharing our vulnerabilities and asking for help when needed
  • Taking risks, trying new things and breaking out of our comfort zone
  • Speaking up, voicing concerns and encouraging dialogue to increase awareness of others' perspectives
  • Acting in alignment with TGH's shared purpose, vision and values at all times, even when difficult