At Tampa General Hospital, nurses make up a large percentage of our workforce—in fact, close to three thousand nurses are proud to work at TGH. The number of dedicated nurses on staff shows our commitment to providing nurses with the tools and opportunities they need to thrive and grow in their careers.

Building and sustaining our successful nursing program begins with a clearly defined mission and vision:


Nursing Mission

Tampa General Hospital nurses are committed to providing patient-centered, holistic care which is innovative, excellent, compassionate and individualized through evidence-based practice that respects our patients’ cultural and economic diversity. We will advocate for our patients, families and community using an interdisciplinary approach while promoting a safe, healing environment to achieve the highest outcomes.

Nursing Vision

Tampa General Hospital nurses will be the role model for all present and future nursing practice and will pioneer innovative ways to provide excellent care. We will be recognized throughout the community and globally as professional nurses, collaborators, educators, leaders, researchers and mentors.