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TGH at Home

Recovering from an illness in a hospital can be a stressful and costly experience for many patients who would rather rest in the comfort of their own home. Tampa General Hospital’s Hospital at Home program combines innovative technology with a focus on the needs of the patient. TGH at Home gives eligible patients an opportunity to stay in the comfort of their own home, while receiving best-in-class clinical hospital care. To be enrolled in TGH at Home, patients must be seen in the Emergency Department or admitted to the hospital so they can be transferred to the TGH at Home program (pending patient consent). The program combines daily in-home visits from health care providers, virtual visits and 24/7 remote patient monitoring.

World-Class Care at Home

Advantages for Patients

TGH at Home gives patients what they really want – world-class care in their own environment. Patients benefit from:

  • Patient-centric care
  • Privacy of being at home
  • Comfort of family, friends and pets
  • Reduced risk of hospital-acquired infections
  • Equivalent or better outcomes when compared to traditional hospital care

How TGH at Home Works

Patients are thoroughly evaluated to determine if their medical condition makes them a candidate for TGH at Home. During their in-home treatment, patients receive at least two in-person visits per day by a dedicated member of the TGH at Home clinical team. For ease of access, patients must live within a 30-minute drive from Tampa General.

In addition to in-person care, TGH is leveraging innovative technology to provide optimal care outside of the hospital. TGH is excited to partner with the Israel-based Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform, BioBeat, to provide each patient with a wireless device that continuously transmits vital signs. The device serves as a blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter and thermometer, all in one. In addition to continuous patient monitoring, TGH is proud to work with U.S.-based telehealth provider, TytoCare, to offer the TGH Virtual Health Kit powered by TytoCare. This virtual health platform provides patients with a cellular-enabled tablet to transfer vital sign information as well as for conducting telehealth visits with providers. The equipment is provided at no additional cost and is continually monitored by the care team. 

Who is Eligible for TGH at Home?

The Hospital at Home team will work to identify patients we believe may be eligible for the program. Initially, TGH at Home will be limited to patients with certain conditions that include:

  • Congestive heart failure (CHF)
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • Cellulitis
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Diabetes

Frequently Asked Questions About TGH at Home

If I’m enrolled in Hospital at Home, how long will this service last?
Your time in the TGH at Home program will depend on your unique situation and how your diagnosis is progressing. The average length of time in the program is around 4 days.
When I’m at home, how will my care team be able to monitor me?
You will be given a monitoring device (BioBeat) that will continuously monitor and report your vitals to your care team. So even when your care team isn’t with you, they will be able to check on you.
How often will the care team come to my home?
One or more members of your care team will come to your home to check in on you two times per day. The times may vary day to day, but they will do their best to accommodate your preferences.
How will I get needed medication, supplies or other health care services to aid in my recovery?
The team will ensure medications and necessary equipment are delivered daily and will coordinate all needed services, including labs, imaging tests, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and respiratory therapy.
What if I experience a new or worsening health concern while in the Hospital at Home program?
You will have access to a 24/7 line where you will be supported by a provider if any concerns arise outside of your scheduled visits.