TGH Ventures | Improving Patient Outcomes by Supporting Innovation

TGH Ventures

Leading innovation by partnering with and investing in companies that are transforming the future of health care.

Improving Patient Outcomes by Supporting Innovation

TGH Ventures serves as Tampa General Hospital’s corporate venture capital arm and innovation team. We seek to identify, partner with and invest in emerging health care companies that are redefining the care experience for clinicians and patients alike. Our goal is simple: back and support entrepreneurs, financially and strategically, who are seeking to solve problems and enhance patients’ lives.

What We Do

TGH’s flagship venture fund makes direct investments in companies that align with TGH’s strategic vision of making health care affordable, accessible, convenient and effective. TGH Ventures adds both financial and strategic value to your cap table.

Adding Value to Investors and the Tampa Bay Community

TGH Ventures directly invests in early-stage companies that share our passion for streamlining access to comprehensive health care, lowering costs, optimizing care delivery methods and enhancing the overall patient experience. By financially and strategically supporting businesses with leading-edge ideas, TGH ensures our community will continue to benefit from the latest innovations in care for years to come. If you’re ready to revolutionize health care, we want to talk to you.

Discovering Exciting Solutions Through Collaboration

When it comes to improving health care, the ideas of multiple innovators are better than one. That’s why TGH Ventures offers multiple platforms for collaboration between TGH leaders and next-generation thinkers. For example, our Co-Lab program provides problem-solving entrepreneurs with the resources necessary to turn a good idea into transformative action, while our IdeaHQ creates opportunities for crowdsourcing and idea-sharing among TGH team members who are eager to solve real-world problems.


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