What to Expect After Your Admission to the Hospital | Tampa General Hospital

What to Expect After Your Admission to the Hospital

Discharged Patients

Patients who no longer require inpatient hospital care are considered discharged. They can be safely discharged to their own home, the home of a loved one or another care facility.

Reviewing Discharge Instructions

For best outcomes, discharged patients should carefully review and follow all discharge instructions provided. These may include instructions regarding nutritional needs, exercise recommendations, activities to avoid or participate in, doctor’s office(s) to call for appointments, medications prescribed, and injury, wound or surgical site care.

Following Discharge Instructions

Our goal at Tampa General Hospital, along with your doctor(s), is that you to have the best results possible to help ensure you won’t need a readmission to the hospital.

We recommend following the diet and nutritional advise given, combined with the exercise recommendations for best health outcomes. If you have any questions, please be sure to ask those in your follow-up appointment with all providers. Taking the prescribed medicines at the correct time and/or caring for an injury wound, bandage, or surgical stiches will go a long way in your recovery.

Finally, discharge instructions provide vital information as to whom a patient or loved can contact after an admission for questions or concerns if anything should arise.

Thank you for allowing us to provide you and your loved one inpatient care at TGH, where your safety and experience are our top priority.