#4 Transplant Center in the Nation

Tampa General Hospital’s Transplant Institute consistently demonstrates its commitment to providing access to care to those in our community with advanced organ disease and now ranks #4 in the nation. We have been a national leader in advanced organ disease treatment and transplant surgery for 50 years, and TGH is one of only a few dozen hospitals in the U.S. to have performed more than 13,000 transplant surgeries.

TGH is the only hospital in West Central Florida to offer all five organ transplants for adult patients. Our surgeons perform adult heart, lung, liver (living and deceased donor), kidney (living and deceased donor) and pancreas transplants, as well as pediatric kidney transplants. As a high-volume, comprehensive transplant center, we are a premier destination for multi-organ transplant procedures as well.

In 2023, TGH performed over 750 transplants, breaking our records in both liver and kidney transplants. More transplants equates to more lives saved.


An Innovative Transplant Center

As a leader in academic medicine, TGH is also at the forefront of innovation in transplant care. For example, we were the first hospital in Florida to use Organ Care System (OCS™) technology. This perfusion system allows hearts, lungs and livers to function outside of the human body during transport, unlike other methods. As a result, our transplant team can retrieve organs from a wider geographical area, ensure optimal organ condition before transplant procedures and save more lives.

According to data from the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients, TGH historically has some of the shortest times to transplant in the country and in Florida.

A National Leader in Transplant Surgery for 50 Years

Organ Transplant Procedures by Experts

The Transplant Institute’s status as a high-volume organ transplant center directly benefits our patients and their families. Our multidisciplinary team has an unparalleled level of experience performing transplants and routinely addresses highly complex cases. This gives our specialists a unique level of expertise that helps more patients achieve excellent outcomes.

Brigette tells her lung transplant story

A Patient's Point of View

A story is best told by those who lived the tale. Our patients tell exceptional stories. 

Living With Advanced Organ Disease

Living with advanced organ disease is difficult not only for patients, but their families, too. At TGH’s Transplant Institute, we focus on providing individualized, long-term care for all forms of advanced organ disease. Our board-certified surgeons and other specialists meet regularly to review cases and recommend the most appropriate care for patients, even if transplant is not an option. We help patients navigate their healthcare journeys and make confident decisions in their care.

In addition, we offer a full range of financial, social, and medical support services to ensure patients have everything they need to enjoy an improved quality of life.