Healthy Work/Life Balance with ATO

Tampa General Hospital supports a healthy work/life balance for team members, rewarding their hard work with paid time off that begins to accrue from the first day of employment.  After 90 days, you’ll have access to a single “bank” of accumulated time off (ATO), which includes vacation and sick days as well as holiday and personal leave. ATO rolls over each year, up to a maximum of 480 hours in your bank. 

ATO accrues at a rate of 27 days per year for employees with zero to 3.99 years of service, 32 days per year for employees with four to 9.99 years of service and 37 days per year for employees with more than 10 years of service. Additionally, up to 100 hours of ATO can be “bought back,” at 75 to 100 percent value, each year, depending on when you elect to buy back your hours. 

Years of Service  ATO Accrual *
 0-3.99 27 Days/Year
4-9.99 32 Days/Year
10+ 37 Days/Year

*These rates reflect accruals for a full-time position working 40 hours per week. Positions working less than 40 hours will earn prorated portions of these amounts.