If you are a nurse who would like to expand your skill set, increase your independence, have more assignments to choose from and enhance your earning potential, you might consider float-pool nursing. As a float-pool nurse at Tampa General Hospital, you will do much more than support our various nursing units. You will also serve as a valued collaborator who shares insights across teams and helps to advance the practice of nursing at the unit, divisional and organizational levels. You will also serve as a trusted advocate who champions the rights of patients while delivering compassionate care that exceeds their expectations.

Every day at TGH, you will have new opportunities to learn from experienced healthcare professionals and utilize state-of-the-art facilities to do important work—both for others and for yourself. In addition to gaining invaluable clinical skills, you will develop positive personal attributes, such as flexibility, adaptability and dependability, which are highly sought after by employers in the job market. And you will benefit immeasurably from your interactions with many diverse individuals, including your patients, their family members and your colleagues.

Join a team that is recognized for excellence in nursing

TGH is proud to be among the 1% of U.S. hospitals that have earned the prestigious Magnet® designation for the fourth consecutive time. Certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), a Magnet-designated hospital is considered to embody the gold standard in the practice of nursing. TGH embraces these high standards as part of our commitment to providing world-class patient care as well as supporting the professional growth and development of our nurses.

At TGH, we empower our nurses to make decisions, drive innovation and take the lead in delivering patient care. Join our float pool and discover how compassionate providers, advanced technologies and ceaseless dedication to excellence are transforming the practice of nursing—and patient outcomes—at TGH.