TGH EpicLink

Welcome to TGH EpicLink

Tampa General Hospital is pleased to offer TGH EpicLink. TGH EpicLink is a tool that will give you and your staff real-time, secure web access to your patient’s medical record.
To help us protect your patients’ health information please observe the following procedures for requesting access to TGH Epic Link:

  • If your practice already uses TGH EpicLink, requests for additional staff access must be made by the appointed Site Administrator in your office through TGH EpicLink. This is a change in our current process that will ensure quicker and more secure access requests for staff.

  • If you are unsure who your Site Administrator is please call our Help Desk at (813) 844-7490. If your office doesn’t yet have a Site Administrator assigned please use the hyperlink below to request one.

  • If your office currently does not have access to TGH EpicLink, please follow these steps:
    A.Identify a Site Administrator and back up Site Administrator for the office. This should
       be the individual of authority in your office.
    B.The chosen Site Administrator should click on the hyperlink below to fill out an
        access request form for a new office.
    C.Fill out all information on the access request form and identify a Site Administrator.
        Information on this form will be verified before access is given. 

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