AKTiVe Leadership

AKTiVe Leadership

Tampa General Hospital has outstanding leaders who inspire, encourage and guide us as we work toward our vision to be the safest, most innovative academic health system in America. To help our current and emerging leaders perform as effectively as possible in their roles, we take an AKTiVe approach to leadership.

Our evidence-based AKTiVe Leadership Model embodies four key qualities:


An authentic leader is honest about who they are and what they believe. Before making decisions, they seek input from their team members. They provide constructive feedback to highlight strengths and identify areas for improvement. They “walk the walk” by being a role model and they keep their promises.


A kind leader considers the well-being of their team when providing support and making decisions. They listen to their team members, treat them with respect and consider their feelings. They identify ways to improve as learning opportunities and offer assistance in a nonjudgmental manner. They show appreciation to their team members by recognizing and rewarding their hard work.


A transparent leader is clear and honest about the reasons for their decisions and what they expect from their team. They hold briefings to discuss organizational changes and encourage their team members to ask questions and share their views. They provide positive and constructive feedback so their team members always know where they stand.


A vulnerable leader is willing to show weakness and admit when they are wrong. They view mistakes as opportunities to learn so they will do better in the future. They apologize when appropriate, acknowledge that they do not have all the answers and ask for help when needed.

When enacted through the specific behaviors of our leaders, these qualities help us create a positive and productive working environment where our team members can thrive. As a result, we cultivate engagement, psychological safety and trust.