Culture of Engagement

In keeping with our commitment to develop and sustain a world-class team, Tampa General Hospital is dedicated to creating a positive and productive work environment where everyone is well-positioned to meet and exceed their respective and collective goals. We believe team member engagement is a key component of building and nurturing such an environment.

The Importance of Engagement

Engagement is the emotional and intellectual commitment a team member expresses toward their job, leaders and organization. An engaged team member is:

  • Invested in their assigned tasks
  • Committed to furthering the organizational purpose and vision
  • Proactive at work
  • Enthusiastic about their role and responsibilities

As compared to their disengaged counterpart, an engaged team member will perform better at any point on the continuum of care. Because engaged team members are more passionate, committed, involved and empowered, their engagement directly leads to greater patient satisfaction, increased patient safety and better quality of care.

How We Engage Our Team Members

TGH's president and chief executive officer, John D. Couris, is directly connected to all team members. We foster and sustain a culture of engagement in a variety of formats, including:

  • Orientation - We welcome new team members in an engaging orientation program where they meet our executives on their first day.
  • New Leader Onboarding - Our president welcomes and meets with all new leaders personally during onboarding sessions.
  • Shadowing - We offer on-the-job training by providing our team members with opportunities to follow and closely observe other team members at work (our president participates).
  • Communication - We encourage our team members to submit questions for our president through our convenient “Ask John” portal.
  • Videos - We produce a monthly “Out & About With John” video segment featuring a team that is doing something innovative in the organization.
  • Surveys - We conduct annual team member and physician/provider engagement surveys, share the results and engage our team members as we plan for improvement.
  • Team Member Communication Forum - We hold a semi-annual town hall meeting hosted by our president.

In addition to helping our team members garner the skills they need to achieve their career aspirations, TGH’s engagement initiatives help keep everyone focused on our vision to be the safest and most innovative academic health system in America.

At TGH, we deliver world-class patient care by putting our team members first. Our innovative programs, attractive benefits and culture of engagement have helped us become one of the best hospitals to work for in America.