Women's Heart Program

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of mortality among women worldwide. Sometimes referred to as a “silent killer,” it often develops gradually without causing noticeable symptoms and may go undetected for many years. Even so, it is widely under-studied, under-recognized, under-diagnosed and under-treated. This is due in large part to the common misconception—among scientists, clinicians and the general public alike—that heart disease is a bigger threat to men than women.

Until recently, the treatment of cardiovascular disease in women was based solely on medical research performed on men. However, we now know that heart disease differs markedly among genders. Through extensive studies, the researchers at the Women’s Heart Program in Tampa General Hospital’s Heart and Vascular Institute continue to explore the biological, medical and social bases of these differences. As our knowledge about women’s heart health and female-pattern heart disease broadens, we are continually refining our preventive, diagnostic and treatment services geared specifically toward women.

What Sets Us Apart

At TGH, we fully support gender equity in healthcare, and we recognize the urgent need for increased awareness and understanding of cardiovascular disease in women. Over the last decade, the renowned team in our Women’s Heart Program has been leading the charge through research studies, educational initiatives, community engagement and clinical care. With a unique emphasis on gender-specific cardiovascular risk factors, we provide highly specialized heart healthcare for females at every stage of life.

We Have a Multidisciplinary Team

The renowned cardiac team in our Women’s Heart Program includes many respected specialists who are firmly positioned at the forefront of their field, including:

  • Electrophysiologists
  • Interventional cardiologists
  • Heart failure specialists
  • Heart transplant specialists
  • Cardiothoracic surgeons

These experts specialize in providing female-focused heart healthcare ranging from preventive screenings and medication management to complex surgeries and emergency interventions. Through close multidisciplinary collaboration among cardiovascular subspecialists, our Women’s Heart Program is aligned to optimize our clinical care and consistently achieve the best possible outcomes.

We Practice Nationally Recognized Academic Medicine

TGH is proud to have established the first and only academic Women’s Heart Program in the Tampa Bay region and the entire surrounding area. Our unique program attracts some of the brightest minds in the field, including highly accomplished physicians who focus exclusively on researching, preventing, diagnosing and/or treating cardiovascular disease in women. Our team represents the pinnacle of educational merit and medical success, and our patients benefit from compassionate clinical care backed by groundbreaking scientific research and academic excellence.

In addition, U.S. News & World Report has recognized TGH as “High Performing” in Cardiology and Heart Surgery and ranked us among the Top Hospitals in the Nation for Heart Failure and Heart Attack Care for 2023-24.

We Provide Comprehensive, Female-Focused Care

TGH’s Women’s Heart Program is devoted exclusively to supporting women’s heart healthcare, and our cardiac specialists are experts in identifying, preventing and treating heart conditions in females. Our goal is to empower women to know and manage their cardiovascular risks, take proactive steps to protect their heart, seek treatment when needed and live their healthiest life. To help each new patient navigate their journey through our program, we immediately connect them with a dedicated coordinator who is available to provide personalized support at every step.

Conditions We Treat

The esteemed professionals in TGH’s Women’s Heart Program provide comprehensive and longitudinal heart healthcare for women, focusing specifically on cardiac conditions that disproportionately affect females. These include:

Our patients benefit from the latest screening, diagnostic and treatment services designed specifically for women. However, we do much more than prevent, diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease—we ensure a whole-person care experience that takes into account the unique needs of our female patients.

Assessment and Treatment Options

At TGH, we use state-of-the-art technologies, including advanced cardiac imaging to formulate individualized heart disease prevention plans. In addition to the latest medications, including new therapies available only through our clinical trials program, our surgeons perform advanced minimally invasive procedures for many heart conditions, which can lead to a quicker and easier recovery.

TGH’s Women’s Heart Program is also the only active enrollment site in Florida for the International SCAD (iSCAD) registry. The mission of this collaborative research effort is to develop and maintain an independent, diverse and high-quality data repository to advance the pace and breadth of SCAD research around the world and continually improve patient outcomes.