Tampa General's Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, function and knowledge in a safe and enjoyable way for people with heart disease or who have had cardiac surgery. Additionally, our team provides personal care treatment programs tailored specifically to each patient's needs. TGH’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program implements clinically proven guidelines and offers patients the convenience of both in-person and at-home virtual options for care through our trusted partners at Recora.

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehabilitation is a 36-session program that is clinically proven to strengthen your heart, reduce your chances of returning to the hospital and can increase your life expectancy by as much as five years. The 12-week program consists of either 1-on-1 or group sessions, which are all supervised by nurses and cardiac therapists and is entirely personalized based on your health history, medications and physical strength.

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TGH offers in-person cardiac rehabilitation at our TGH Outpatient Rehabilitation at South Armenia location as well as virtual at-home sessions through our partner, Recora. All sessions, both in-person and virtual, are overseen by nurses and cardiac therapists that work as a team to provide you with a personal care plan customized to your needs.


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