A Commitment to Revolutionizing Sarcoma Care

The Sarcoma Center of Excellence in Tampa General Hospital’s Cancer Institute offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for more than 70 types of bone and soft tissue sarcoma, many of which are highly complex and exceedingly rare. Nationally acclaimed for our groundbreaking contributions that continue to revolutionize cancer care, TGH has earned the prestigious “High Performing in Cancer” designation from U.S. News & World Report for 2023-24. We are also proud to be recognized by Newsweek as one of America’s Best Cancer Hospitals.

The multidisciplinary team in our innovative sarcoma treatment center is committed to making world-class care available to all adults and children who need it, regardless of their location. Toward that end, we are pleased to offer telehealth appointments. At TGH, each patient’s journey is expertly guided by a dedicated nurse navigator who ensures that the patient is fully informed and supported—physically, mentally and emotionally—throughout their diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

A Comprehensive Sarcoma Treatment Center

The experienced specialists in TGH’s Sarcoma Center of Excellence take a highly individualized approach to treatment for bone and soft tissue sarcoma, working closely with each patient to ensure the best possible outcome and quality of life. Through our multidisciplinary Sarcoma Tumor Board, our patients benefit from having experts in a wide variety of specialties participate in their care. This diverse group meets regularly to review the cases of patients who are newly diagnosed with bone or soft tissue cancer. While challenging each other and “thinking outside the box,” our Sarcoma Tumor Board members collaboratively design a comprehensive treatment plan for each patient, which is reviewed with the patient on the same day it is finalized. By working as a cohesive team in real-time, we avoid delays and achieve great synergies.

In addition to complex surgical procedures, TGH offers the latest advances in other forms of sarcoma treatment, including immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and brachytherapy. An innovative radiotherapy technique, brachytherapy involves the precise implantation of a small radioactive device near a sarcoma site to safely deliver a high dose of radiation to the tumor, which can effectively destroy the cancerous cells and reduce the risk of a recurrence.

As one of Florida’s few cancer centers backed by academic excellence, TGH is committed to continually advancing the field of sarcoma treatment for the benefit of all current and future patients. In addition to cutting-edge clinical trials, we offer our patients opportunities to enroll their sarcoma in our tissue biorepository, which is designed to further propel our research efforts. Working together, we are changing the landscape for many people with cancer.

World-Class Treatment from Sarcoma Experts and Nurse Navigators

The state-of-the-art Sarcoma Center of Excellence in TGH’s Cancer Institute is home to a team of world-renowned cancer surgeons who bring decades of experience to the surgical suite. Many of these distinguished experts are also active in landmark clinical trials, providing our patients with unique opportunities to be among the first to benefit from promising new sarcoma treatments before those options are made available in other settings.

Your sarcoma health care journey will be led by dedicated nurse navigators to support and inform you and your family throughout the process. To help make everything as smooth as possible, we expedite wait times between appointments – meaning you’ll be seen sooner and benefit from leading diagnostic technology and treatments faster.

Learn More About Sarcoma Treatment at TGH

Prospective patients and referring providers who would like to learn more about the Sarcoma Center of Excellence are welcome to reach out to TGH Cancer Institute directly by calling (813) 844-4151.

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Meet our Team of Sarcoma Specialists

The Sarcoma Center of Excellence in Tampa General Hospital’s Cancer Institute features a multidisciplinary team of world-renowned surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, nurse navigators and other medical specialists. These experienced and compassionate professionals are committed to making personalized, world-class care accessible to every patient who needs it, regardless of their location.

The well-rounded team in our innovative sarcoma treatment center includes:

victoria rizk md headshot

Victoria Rizk, MD
Director, Sarcoma Center of Excellence
Medical Oncologist

timothy nywening md ms mphs headshot 

Timothy Nywening, MD, MS, MPHS
Surgical Oncologist

matthew anderson md headshot 

Matthew Anderson, MD
Gynecology Oncologist

thomas rutherford md headshot 

Thomas Rutherford, MD
Gynecology Oncologist

lorena newsome rn headshot 

Lorena Newsome, RN
Nurse Navigator

Conditions Treated at the Sarcoma Center of Excellence

Our multidisciplinary team is widely known and respected for having extensive expertise in diagnosing and treating all types of sarcoma and related conditions, including:

If you're experiencing any of these conditions or their related symptoms, call our team at (813) 844-4151 to learn more about sarcoma treatment options at the TGH Cancer Institute and schedule an appointment with one of our physicians.