Head and Neck Cancer Treatment | Tampa General Hospital

Head and Neck Cancer Treatments Offered

The type of head and neck cancer treatment that a patient receives is based on a variety of factors. Among the first considerations in developing a treatment plan will be the tumor’s location. Head and neck cancer is a broad term that encompasses many different structures, including the oral cavitylarynxsinusessalivary glands, and others, all of which may respond differently to certain treatments. Often, some combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation therapy will be used to eradicate cancerous tumors. When caught early and properly treated, many cases of head and neck cancer can be effectively managed or cured.

At Tampa General Hospital, our team of specialists develops custom treatment plans for each patient using the following strategies:

  • Surgery – TGH uses advanced surgical technologies to remove tumors and inspect lymph nodes near the site of the cancer for signs of metastasis. Our goal is to excise as much of a tumor as possible while having a minimal impact on the surrounding, healthy tissue.

  • Chemotherapy – When the location of a tumor prevents it from being completely eliminated in surgery, TGH may use chemotherapy to target the remainder of cancerous cells.

  • Radiation therapy – This type of treatment can be highly effective against many types of head and neck cancers. TGH may use this strategy in combination with surgery and/or chemotherapy to completely eliminate a tumor.

Our commitment to using only the latest techniques and technologies and providing patients with the most effective treatment plan makes Tampa General Hospital a leading destination for those who have been diagnosed with a cancer of the head or neck.