Review of Operational Procedures | Tampa General Hospital

Review of Operational Procedures

1. The TGH-USF Health Precision Medicine Biorepository will consider requests for specimens from investigators regardless of departmental or section affiliations.

2. All requests should be submitted using the request form, providing general background, the number and types of specimens required, and the dates by which tissue is needed.

3. Our goal is to respond to requests as quickly as possible. However, please recognize that approval may take up to one month to complete while your request is being reviewed.

4. All requests must be evaluated by the relevant Tissue Allocation Committee (TAC) prior to approval. Decisions regarding tissue use are made by majority vote of the relevant committee. Investigators will be notified of TAC decisions by the principal investigator for the TGH-USF Health Precision Medicine Biorepository. The PI may also be contacted directly with any questions or concerns regarding this process.

5. Once approved, appropriate tissue specimens will be dispensed by Biorepository personnel along with the coded demographic information requested. Only coded demographic and/or clinical data may be released. Use of identifiable specimens will require specific IRB approval. Responsibility for obtaining this approval is the responsibility of the investigator requesting that information.

6. In cases where decisions cannot be reached by the TAC, an appeal process can be initiated at the request of a faculty-level investigator. All appeals will be evaluated by a committee consisting of the PI, research administrators and/or their designees. Decisions will be made by majority vote of this committee.