The Tampa General Hospital Foundation offers special fundraising events and campaigns throughout the year. Taking part in these exciting occasions is a great way to show your support for the hardworking health care heroes at Tampa General Hospital. We also have ways to bring joy to pediatric patients at TGH Children’s Hospital.

Surprise Swipe

For a donation of $2,000 or more, businesses and individuals can sponsor a “Surprise Swipe” event that provides gift cards to TGH team members that are good for free meals at the hospital’s cafeteria. The simple gift of a complimentary, nutritious meal can go a long way toward showing how much you appreciate the TGH medical staff.

Coffee Break

Similarly, your support of the Team Member Resiliency Fund can provide free coffee to TGH staff who like to take breaks at the hospital’s on-campus Starbucks. The TGH Foundation can use your donation to buy and distribute Starbucks gift cards to our team members, along with a personalized notecard, if desired.

Grant a Wish

Did you know TGH team members have an Amazon Wishlist? With just one click, you can purchase an item that will make their jobs a little easier. TGH’s Spiritual Health Care Cart is stocked with these items. This service, which is operated by TGH chaplains and foundation staff members, makes the rounds every day at the hospital, brightening and easing our health care heroes’ workday. It’s a simple but fantastic way to show your appreciation.

Say 'Thanks'

There are some things money can’t buy, like a simple, handwritten note of thanks and appreciation. Or maybe you’re more of a visual person, in which case, the foundation also accepts artwork that can adorn and brighten TGH workspaces. Mail your letters and pictures to TGH Foundation, P.O. Box 1289, Tampa, FL 33601.

Doctors' Day

Every March 30, TGH celebrates Doctors’ Day, an occasion that recognizes the skilled, dedicated, compassionate and knowledgeable physicians who work tirelessly to heal and rejuvenate sick and ailing members of our community. Using the form above, you can pay tribute to a specific TGH doctor on Doctors’ Day. Just mention the name of the doctor in the comments box. In lieu of or in addition to your donation, send a quick note of appreciation to a special TGH physician using this link.