The Every One Fund


Every One Fund

At Tampa General Hospital (TGH), we believe that “ONE” is a small but mighty number. The power that every one second, one person, one dollar has to change the world is infinite. This is why we have created The Every One Fund. The Every One Fund supports innovative projects led by TGH clinicians and medical staff to help them care for everyone every day. Join Tampa General Hospital in caring for everyone, every day by making a gift to The Every One Fund.

Your investment in the TGH Foundation’s Every One Fund  (unrestricted fund) will make a transformational impact on both our patients and our team members. These unrestricted gifts, which are not designated by a donor for a particular health care service, allow us to innovate and respond nimbly to emerging opportunities. They also enable TGH to invest in leading edge technologies and medical advances, and to implement newly developing best practices in health care for the good of our patients and the communities we serve.

No one can predict the next health crisis, the next advancement in medicine, or the evolving needs of patients and our community. When you make an unrestricted gift to The Every One Fund, you’re enabling TGH to put your generosity to work when and where it is needed most. 


"Unrestricted giving supports our growth
and continued success. The funds help us
meet unplanned operational needs and
allow us to remain nimble and adaptable
to the environment as it changes."
John Couris,
President and Chief Executive Officer


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