Muma Children's Hospital at TGH: Support Services | Tampa General Hospital

Muma Children's Hospital at TGH: Support Services

Muma Children's Hospital at TGH: Support Services

From creating comfortable surroundings to providing school work support, the Muma Children's Hospital at TGH has many valuable resources for parents, patients and families.

Back to School Health Clinic

Click here to view the Back to School Health Clinic schedule.

NICU Education

Click here to view our collection of NICU Education videos. 

Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House provides a home-away-from-home for families of children being treated in the Children's Hospital. Click here to visit the Ronald McDonald House website and learn more.

Lightning Playroom

Furnished by a generous donation from the National Hockey League’s Tampa Bay Lightning, the Lightning Playroom in the Muma Children's Hospital at TGH gives kids a stress-free place to play and socialize with other children. No medical procedures are permitted in the playroom!

Parent Lounge

Furnished with comfortable seating, a TV, microwave, toaster, coffee maker and well-stocked refrigerator and pantry, the lounge is a place to relax – not far from your child's room. 

Poison Center

The Poison Center is located on the campus of Tampa General Hospital and is staffed by nurses, pharmacists and physicians trained in toxicology. Based on years of toxicology experience and a computerized database describing over 500,000 substances, they provide advice within minutes for each question or emergency. Certified as a Regional Poison Center by the American Association of Poison Control Centers, the Center provides coverage for 6 million residents in central and southwest Florida and is primarily funded by grants from Florida Department of Health, Children's Medical Services and the U.S. Department of Health Resources and Services Administration. Click here to visit the Poison Center website and learn more. 

Car Seat Safety

You can reduce the risk of your child being injured in a car crash by using an appropriate car safety seat and installing it correctly. Click here to visit the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Web site for more information.