NICU Education Videos



Hand Expression of Breast Milk 

Description: Dr. Morton (Stanford University) goes over manual expression to help with milk production.

Attaching Your Baby at the Breast 

Description: Patient education on attaching and latch

Symphony Plus Breast Pump Instructions

Description: Detailed instructions for the Symphony Plus Breast Pump

The Power of Pumping 

Description: Diane Spatz (University of Pennsylvania) talks about the benefits of breast milk for the high-risk infant.

Human Milk Initiative Educational Videos 

Description: Culturally diverse videos from NeoQIC (Neonatal Quality Improvement Collaborative of Massachusetts)

First Droplets

Description: Dr. Jane Morton goes over ABCs (Attachment, Breast milk production, and Calories).



Safe Baby – English (Healthy Safe Baby Series)

Safe Baby

Car Seat Safety

Car Seat Install with Latch

Car Seat Install with Seatbelt


Safe Baby - Español (Serie Healthy Safe Baby)

Bebé seguro

Cuidar la seguridad del asiento

Asiento de coche instalar con pestillo

Asiento de automóvil Instalar con cinturón de seguridad