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Cash Gifts

          Collective giving is powerful! Join hundreds of patients, families, and supporters to make a difference.            Click, Mail, or Call



Multi-Year Pledges

Pledges demonstrate your commitment and help us plan for the future. They are often used in conjunction with recognition societies. 



Named Endowments

Endowments provide permanent, stable funding for an area of donor's choosing. Endowments require a minimum of $100,000 to establish, and are invested to last in perpetuity. 


Planned Giving to TGH

Gifts of Stock

Gifts of publicly traded securities have an immediate income tax deduction. The donor can avoid capital gains tax on donated shares of stock and can target current funding opportunities to see their gifts in action.

Charitable Bequest

The donor may name TGH in their will or living trust to receive a portion of their estate, upon their passing.

Retirement Plan

The donor can name TGH as a beneficiary in their retirement plan (IRA, 401(k), 403(b), etc). Non-charity beneficiaries pay income tax. The donor can bypass probate and have full access to the funds for the rest of their life. 

Charitable Gift Annuity

The donor agrees to make a donation of cash or securities to TGH. In return, the donor (and someone else, if they choose) receive a fixed amount each year for the rest of their lifetime. The initial gift is partially income tax-deductible, and the annuity payments are partially income tax-free. There is a reduction of capital gains tax if appreciated securities are used and there is a guaranteed income for the donor (and someone else, if they choose) for the rest of their lifetime.

Beneficiary Designation

The donor can name TGH as a beneficiary of their life insurance policy, annuity, bank account, or investment account. There is an estate tax deduction for the cash value amount and removes the asset from the taxable estate. The donor can bypass probate and has full access to their funds for the rest of their life.

Charitable Lead Trust

The donor can donate cash, stock, or real estate to an irrevocable trust that makes annual gifts to TGH, and then the balance goes to their heirs. There is an immediate tax deduction for a portion of the donation and the trust assets are not subject to estate tax. Estate tax (or gift tax) deduction based on value of charitable payouts. Donors can pass assets to their heirs and avoid some or all of the estate tax.

Required Minimum Distribution

The donor (who must be 70 1/2 or older) can donate up to $100k per year from their IRA tax free to TGH and avoid income tax on their leveraged withdrawals. 


For more information, or to put your gift into action, please contact:

Michael W. Masem
Vice President of Development
(813) 844-7574