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Tampa General Hospital’s Transplant Institute is a Leader in Solid Organ Transplant Procedures

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Tampa General Hospital's Transplant Institute is ranked the #6 transplant hospital in the country by volume. Tampa General Hospital is recognized as a leader among solid organ transplant centers after more than two decades of providing individuals with replacements for failing organs, and we have performed over 10,000 transplants with shorter wait times and world-class outcomes. Today, our Transplant Institute performs adult heart, lung, liver, kidney (living and deceased donor), and pancreas transplants, as well as pediatric kidney transplants. We are the only hospital in West Central Florida to offer all five of these organ transplants for adult patients. The overall number of solid organ transplants performed annually at TGH makes our transplant institute among the busiest transplant centers in the United States.

At TGH, we offer a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to care for individuals in need of an organ transplant, enabling us to remain consistent in the high level of care we strive to provide to patients undergoing organ replacement surgery at our transplant center. We have qualified, experienced, and highly respected surgeons on our staff. We also utilize specialized care teams in each of our transplant programs; these teams consist of medical specialists, social workers, financial counselors, and a transplant coordinator, who collectively work with patients to ensure that they are prepared not only to undergo transplant procedures but also to handle everything involved in the post-transplant process. This includes making sure patients have adequate insurance coverage, sufficient financial resources, and support personnel in place to assist in recovery following transplant surgery.

The resources we allocate to our transplant programs enable us to successfully account for the high volume of transplant procedures performed at TGH each year, as does our partnership with general transplant referral form call buttonLifeLink Foundation, Inc., one of the most robust and successful organ procurement organizations in the state. As a result, outcomes and success rates for solid organ transplants performed at TGH’s Transplant Institute are at or above most national benchmarks, according to the most recent Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients data released in January 2018, and patients in our transplant programs experience shorter-than-average waiting times between listing and organ transplantation. In fact, TGH has some of the shortest waiting times in the nation for the organs that we transplant – heart, lung, liver, kidney, and pancreas.


Call Tampa General Hospital at 1-800-505-7769 to learn more about our transplant center or to receive information regarding any of our individual organ transplant programs, including specific organ selection and referral criteria that must be met in order to be listed for transplant.