Heart Transplant Center | Tampa General Hospital

At Tampa General Hospital’s Transplant Institute, a heart transplant may be performed to address several specific conditions, including dilated cardiomyopathy, ischemic cardiomyopathy, pulmonary hypertension, and congenital heart disease, all of which lead to end-stage heart failure. Therefore, heart transplants are typically reserved for patients with end-stage congestive heart failure who have an estimated survival period of less than one year without the transplant, and who are not candidates for or have not been helped by other conventional medical or surgical therapies. A cardiac transplant is a major procedure and may not be an appropriate or immediate solution for every patient with a heart condition. As such, our transplant center team and Medical Review Board determine patient candidacy based on the information provided in a completed cardiothoracic transplant referral form and other factors. For patients who do qualify for a transplant, TGH’s Heart Transplant Center is one of the leading programs in the region because:

  • Based on data from the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR), TGH has one of the shortest times to transplant in the nation and in Florida.
  • Our longest-surviving heart transplant recipient has had their new heart for over three decades.
  • Our heart transplant program has a team of highly respected transplant surgeons.
  • In 1985, TGH became the first hospital in Florida to successfully perform a life-saving heart transplant. Today, we maintain one of the most robust cardiac transplant programs in the entire state of Florida and one of the busiest programs in the nation.

TGH is also a recognized leader in the implantation of mechanical circulatory support (MCS), or ventricular assist devices (VADs), as a bridge to transplant, bridge to recovery, and destination therapy. MCS is an option that may be suitable for patients who are not qualified to undergo or cannot sustain a full cardiac transplant. We offer a wide selection of VADs, including Heart Mate II, Impella, Heartware, and Centrimag. Whether patients require a cardiac transplant or can benefit from an MCS implant, our expert team will help each patient find the treatment option that’s most appropriate for their specific situation.

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