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Living Donor Liver Transplant Program

Living Donor Liver Transplant Program

Tampa General Hospital’s Comprehensive Liver Disease and Transplant Center is proud to offer liver transplant patients an exciting option in care - living donor liver transplants.

Nearly 18,000 people are on a waiting list to receive life-saving liver transplants in the United States, and thousands die while waiting every year. Previously only livers from deceased donors were used for liver transplant surgeries, but the demand for donor livers was too great. Living donor liver transplantation was developed to help meet the rising need. TGH’s Living Donor Liver Transplant program will help more patients who are waiting for a liver transplant. 

What is a Living Donor Liver Transplant?

A living donor liver transplant is a procedure during which a portion of the liver from a living person is removed and placed into the body of a patient whose liver has failed. The transplanted liver grows in the recipient, restoring normal liver function. The donor's liver regenerates and returns to its normal size within 6-8  weeks.

What are the Benefits of Living Donor Liver Transplantation?

There are many benefits of living donor liver transplantation, including:

  • An increased number of viable livers available to patients on the liver transplant waiting list

  • Decreased time spent on the wait list for patients

  • Flexible scheduling to complete surgery at a time that works for both the donor and the recipient

  • Improved long-term outcomes and faster recovery times for patients

  • The potential to save thousands of lives of patients with end-stage liver disease

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For more information about this program, call (813) 844-5669 or 1-800-505-7769. 

Living Donor Liver Transplant

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