Florida Assistive Technology Program

Tampa General Hospital offers Assistive Technology services through FAAST, Florida’s Assistive Technology Program. A FAAST representative can assist you with the following services:

  • Device demonstrations to learn about and compare features and benefits of a variety of devices
  • Device loans to trial equipment at home, school, work, and community prior to purchasing
  • Training for individuals, professionals and families related to the availability and use of assistive technology
  • Information and referral to programs and vendors who provide assistive technology devices or services.

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology (AT) is any device, item, piece of equipment, hardware or software that an individual with a disability could use to perform tasks or activities independently. It is commonly used by individuals with disabilities and seniors and includes the following:

  • Communication devices like eye gaze boards, voice output devices and communication apps
  • Vision devices such as magnifiers, talking prescription bottles and screen reading programs
  • Hearing devices such as amplified phones, assisted listening and FM systems
  • Environmental control systems to operate lights, devices and appliances through switch, voice or phone activation
  • Learning tools, games and adaptive toys such as switch toys, sensory toys, interactive apps and built-up writing instruments
  • Computer adaptations such as modified keyboards, voice and mouse options
  • Adapted daily living tools such as built up spoons, dressing aids and jar openers

FAAST Regional Demonstration Center (RDC) Services

Device Demonstrations:

Our FAAST RDC provides device demonstrations to help Floridians make informed decisions. Comparing and contrasting functions and features through hands-on exploration helps ensure that an informed decision is made prior to purchase.

Short-Term Device Loans:

Our FAAST RDC has a variety of assistive technology devices that can be borrowed at no cost to the individual. These short-term loans offer the opportunity to trial devices in the setting in which they will be used.


Our FAAST RDC provides assistive technology presentations and training to increase participants’ knowledge, skills, and competencies regarding assistive technology.

Information and Assistance:

Our FAAST RDC can answer questions related to assistive technology devices and services via phone, email or in person visits to our Center.

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