Mobile Care to You

Mobile Care to You

TGH Mobile Care To You offers two mobile units providing convenient access and a dedicated clinical team, bringing our world-class quality care directly to you!

Our units are ready to serve the Tampa Bay community by providing onsite services with benefits. Below are support services you can take advantage of by choosing TGH Mobile Care To You.

  • Access: bringing care to where it is needed the most, onsite, near-site or where you work and play

  • Experience: dedicated RNs who specialize in providing mobile care throughout Tampa Bay

  • Convenience: providing advanced online scheduling to keep track of registrations and text message reminders for those registered

  • Support: by developing customized co-branded marketing material to help promote your event and offering educational sessions on wellness and requested health topics 

On-Site Services

  • Annual physicals

  • COVID-19 testing

  • Diagnostic testing

  • Health fairs

  • Health screenings

  • Immunizations

    • Influenza

    • COVID-19

    • Hep B

  • Lab work

  • On-site clinical services

  • Pre-employment testing

  • Post-hire physicals

  • Regulatory Examinations

  • Wellness check-ups

  • And much more!

Our TGH Mobile Care to You units are equipped with an exam room, wheelchair accessible lift, restroom, lab area, intake/reception and consult space.

For more information or to schedule your event, call (855) 844-8743 or go to