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Urology Problems Treated at Tampa General Hospital

Physician showing a patient a diagram on the computerTampa General Hospital treats a full spectrum of urology problems, including urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections and genitourinary cancers. Our general urology services are designed for patients of both sexes, although male- and female-specific urology services are also available at TGH.

The general urology problems we treat include: 

  • Bladder cancer
  • Bladder prolapse
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Kidney cancer
  • Kidney stones
  • Overactive bladder

TGH has a substantial level of expertise in treating a wide spectrum of urology problems. Our team has worked with patients of all ages, and we welcome patients at every stage of the diagnostic and treatment process. We offer advanced testing services (such as diagnostic radioisotopes) and a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments, allowing us to tailor each patient’s treatment plan to their individual needs.

As a result of our individualized approach to urology services, our patient outcomes are routinely better than expected. Additionally, we go above and beyond to provide our patients with a range of services outside the standard spectrum of care, offering options such as a fertility clinic on-site. And, with large group of experienced urologists on our team, each patient can be matched with a medical professional who understands their symptoms and specializes in treating their specific diagnosis.

Patients who come to us for the treatment of urology problems can follow some general guidelines for good urological health. These guidelines include staying hydrated, limiting caffeine and salt intake, drinking cranberry juice to help prevent urinary tract infections, limiting fluid intake before bedtime, and doing Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic area.   

To obtain a referral to a TGH urologist to discuss your urology problems, you can also use our online Physician Finder service.