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Published: Apr 21, 2011

By Tampa General Hospital


April 24, 2011 (Tampa, FL) - On April 14th, Tampa General Hospital’s first single site surgery combining general surgery and a fertility promoting surgery took place. The two hour combined surgeries involved a gallbladder removal, removal of two ovarian cysts and the removal of pelvic scar tissue. All of this was done through one incision through the belly button, compared to a possible 10 surgical sites if done through the traditional methods. Sharona Ross, MD, and Shayne Plosker, MD, both affiliated with the University of South Florida, performed the multidisciplinary surgery. The patient was 34 -year-old Elizabeth Byrd of Tampa who works for a Tampa law firm and is a wife and mother of a three-year-old boy. “I was impressed with the short recovery period – which allowed me to get back to daily activities….most importantly playing with my son. I hope that other women will benefit from this advancement in the medical field,” Byrd said. “This is not only a great cosmetic improvement with one single scar hidden in the belly button, but her discharge from the hospital within 24 hours attests to the potential for less post-operative discomfort,” said Shayne Plosker, MD, division director of the IVF and Reproductive Endocrinology department with the University of South Florida. “This approach shows great promise for many fertility promoting reproductive surgeries.” Dr. Sharona Ross, director of Surgical Endoscopy with the University of South Florida and Tampa General Hospital concurred, “Single incision laparoscopy via the belly button is the ideal surgical approach for women, especially young women who need their gallbladder removed and/or any fertility related procedure done. We leave no scar! This approach is safe and results in shorter recovery time, less pain, decreased risk of wound infections, less risk of hernias, and last but not least, better cosmetic outcomes.” Single site surgeries through the belly button have been performed at Tampa General since 2007. Physicians with USF and Tampa General, including Dr. Alex Rosemurgy, Dr. Michael Albrink and Dr. Sharona Ross, who together pioneered the technique, have trained surgeons around the world in this innovative approach. Tuesday (April 26), as TGH physicians continue to take surgery to the next level, a combined single site surgery involving a hysterectomy and gallbladder removal will be performed at TGH by Drs. Sharona Ross, Larry Glazerman and Devanand Mangar using no general anesthesia, only a local nerve block.