Parathyroid & Thyroid Treatments Offered

Our parathyroid surgeons are two of only a handful of surgeons in the world who operate solely on the parathyroid glands. They have some of the highest cure rates, with minimal complications, and operative times that are a fraction of the time it takes other surgeons to do this procedure.

About 30% of parathyroid patients also have issues with their thyroid. Our surgeons have gained expertise in treating these thyroid conditions through their 30 years of experience. Patients from all areas of the United States and the world have come to the TGH Parathyroid & Thyroid Institute to receive the care they need from experienced physicians who can properly diagnose and treat their conditions.

Treatments We Specialize in Include:

World-Renowned Surgeons

Our two surgeons, Dr. Douglas Politz and Dr. José López, have performed more parathyroid operations than any other pair of surgeons in the world over the last 10 years, and our surgeons work as a team on every case. Each patient has our two experts evaluate all four parathyroid glands. With the extreme variability of parathyroid anatomy and appearance, this is of paramount importance and ensures the best outcomes for our patients.

Unparalleled Patient Experience

Our patients are cared for by a team of nurses, physicians, technicians, and others who are committed to providing the highest quality experience for patients. Most patients can leave within two hours after the procedure. Our system is innovative and highly efficient, but also personalized and patient-focused.

Through their commitment to a personalized patient experience, our highly skilled surgeons, Dr. Politz and Dr. López, have received dozens of awards, including Patients’ Choice Awards, Compassionate Doctor Awards, and Top Doctors Awards. And with hundreds of five-star reviews, you can be confident that

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