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Patient Testimonials

Our surgeons, Dr. Douglas Politz and Dr. Jose Lopez, have hundreds of five-star reviews. Read what our patients have to say about their experience at our Institute.

"My experience with Dr. Politz has been legitimately life changing. Not only are his staff (Jasmine, Amber and Carla) the absolute kindest but they are never too busy to answer any questions at all. Dr. Politz is the type of doctor that doesn’t exist any longer. He’s kind, funny and available for his patients. You don’t see specialist give you a direct line to them anymore it’s usually hours of sorting through their receptionist and nurses and then a doctor doesn’t even call you back. I couldn’t be more grateful for this doctor who truly cares about his patients as people. Dr. Politz took the time preoperatively to explain the procedure and all of the possibilities. I can’t tell you how much this surgery has already changed my life. I had facial heaviness and eye pressure that is now GONE! I had back pain when lifting my 5 month old son that is GONE! I have energy already, post op. that I didn’t think I would ever have again. Dr. Politz gave my sons their mom back! "

Patient testimonial from Healthgrades.com

"Just had parathyroid surgery with Dr. Lopez at Tampa General Hospital and his outstanding team. Absolutely stress free, thorough, caring environment from office staff, surgical team, post-op care.. Highly recommend."

Patient testimonial from Healthgrades.com. 

"My parathyroidectomy experience in the care of surgeon Dr. Douglas Politz at Tampa General Hospital (TGH) Parathyroid Institute, has been simply excellent. I looked into options in the New York area, where I live. However, my research pointed me to Dr. Politz and TGH due to factors like high cure rate, low complication rate, minimally invasive, radio-guided precision, short surgery, recovery time, and of course the surgeons’ vast experience. The trip to Tampa was well worth it. At TGH, my surgery and recovery proceeded like clockwork. Post-surgery, I had direct access to reach Dr Politz anytime for questions or concerns. He is kind, compassionate and absolutely went the ‘extra mile’. I am grateful to him for that, and I am sure he takes patient care just as seriously for every patient. Flew back to New York the next day, and now 2 weeks later my recovery is continuing very well indeed. Dr Politz and TGH Parathyroid Institute team are the best."

Patient testimonial from Healthgrades.com

"Dr. Lopez literally saved my life. After several years and multiple visits to endocrinologists, Dr. Lopez was the only physician that looked into my medical situation and diagnosed me. After several rounds of blood work, he determined that I needed parathyroid surgery. At the completion of the surgery, he removed 2 parathyroid tumors (registering PTH at almost 1000). He also diagnosed my Hashimoto disease. No other endocrinologist took me seriously. I was so sick, presented many symptoms and spent most weekends in bed out of exhaustion - but was dismissed by everyone except Dr. Lopez. He was 100% spot on. Since my surgery, my energy is returning; I've lost weight; my blood pressure is down - basically I am a new person. I have my life back. I will forever be appreciative of Dr. Lopez. … and he is hilarious too. When I felt the worst, Dr. Lopez made me laugh. If I could vote, Dr. Lopez would be the man of the year!"

Patient testimonial from Healthgrades.com

"I would like to wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Politz and his team for the outstanding care and professionalism with which they performed my parathyroid surgery this May. It started with the interview, where we met via Zoom Dr. Politz and his colleague Dr. Lopez. They were frank and informative, and I felt confident that I was in good hands. I would like to mention that prior to interviewing Dr. Politz and his team, we interviewed most major parathyroid surgeons in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Tampa area. None came even close to the experience we had with Dr. Politz’s team at Tampa General Hospital. The surgery went well, but I experienced calcium deficiency after it. Again, Dr. Politz hand held us through the process of stabilizing it, while daily checking on the progress of the recovery. I am now convalescent, getting to laugh and enjoy my life. Thank you Dr Politz, for your thoughtful care, outstanding compassion and golden hands that made me a whole. Bonus point? The scar is barely visible!"

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