Wellness Lectures, Programs and Workshops

Our TGH LIVE WELL offerings provide expert health and wellness resources to inspire healthy lifestyle choices. All of our wellness educators and workshop facilitators hold various certifications and degrees in their areas of expertise and our medical staff serve as subject matter experts who deliver world-class care at Tampa General Hospital and often hold academic teaching positions at USF Health. Below are the various types of offerings provided to community groups and workforces.

To receive more information or request these offerings for your community group contact our team at: tghwellness@tgh.org.

Wellness Lectures

Information is power. Our wellness lectures include presentations on health, wellness and self- care topics delivered by our TGH subject matter experts. Lectures are typically 45 minutes in length and feature a 15-minute Q&A session. Lectures are typically stand-alone instances that can be bundled or structured on a periodic cadence, include various interactive formats and lengths and can be customized to meet your audience's needs. A full list of topics is available by request. In-person and virtual lectures are available.

Wellness Lecture topics include:

  • Cancer

  • Chronic Condition Management

  • Emotional Wellness & Resilience

  • Healthy Eating

  • Heart Health

  • Injury Prevention

  • Physical Activity

  • Preventative Care

  • Self-care

Wellness Programs

Our evidence-based, self-management programs help people change behaviors so that they can build lasting health improvements. Programs address conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, tobacco dependency, cancer and chronic pain. Programs are generally multi-session, interactive meetings where participants are guided by a certified facilitator. In-person and virtual programs are available.

Wellness Workshops

Get ready to be inspired and learn. Our workshops take an interactive approach and a deep dive on a health or wellness topic to inspire healthy lifestyle choices and solutions to current conditions. Often completed in one session, these differ from lectures in their interactive format and length. In-person and virtual workshops are available.

Facilitator Training

Tampa General Hospital is a licensed training site for many evidenced based, self-management programs. Using the train-the-trainer model, Tampa General Hospital’s Certified Master Trainers can provide facilitator training for team members, volunteers, students or other groups who are invested in helping our community members take charge of their health.

Wellness Lectures, Programs and Workshops

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