Business Opportunities at TGH

Goods and Services TGH Procures:

  • Construction
  • Professional goods and services
  • General goods and services
  • Medical supplies


  • Small projects – < $10,000 Examples: minor repairs, lighting installation, adding and repairing doors, painting, carpet and tile work in specific areas
  • Medium projects – $10,000-$99,999 Examples: medical office build outs, healthcare build outs, accommodating medical equipment replacements
  • Large projects – > $100,000 Examples: cardiovascular transplant operating room renovation, intraoperative MRI project, NICU renovation


  • Meet licensing requirements established by TGH
  • Meet bonding requirements established by TGH
  • Meet insurance requirements established by TGH
  • Previous Experience in a hospital or healthcare facility

Professional Goods and Services

  • Information Technologies Includes software, hardware, support
  • Staffing Includes temporary, permanent and professional, IT, Clerical, nursing
  • Ambulance Transportation
  • Consulting Services Includes legal, medical, financial, reimbursement, retirement benefits, etc.
  • Record Storage

General Goods and Services

  • Office supplies
  • Courier services
  • Window washing service
  • Environmental supplies and equipment
  • Moving, relocation and storage services

Medical Supplies and Services

  • Medical surgical distribution Includes core delivery of medical supplies
  • Surgical products
  • Laboratory supplies
  • Medical equipment