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Handcycles come in a variety of styles, making them accessible to people of all abilities. If pedaling a bike or staying upright is difficult, hand cycling allows you to pedal the cycle with your arms in a seated or reclined position. Tandem cycling is a safe way for individuals with visual or hearing impairments to enjoy cycling, and can be upright or recumbent. Cycles can also be modified to allow another person to push the cycle, if needed. Handcyling improves cardio-vascular health, increases upper body strength, allows the ability to ride with family/friends, and even compete.

Local Opportunities

  • Tampa TAMC, sponsored by Paralyzed Veterans of America
    • Contact Tami Pasquel at 813-610-2011
    • Contact Mike Delancey at 727-234-5709
    • Bike shop located in Tampa that has recumbent bikes for rental, price varies depending on model

National Organizations

Equipment Resources