Bank of America Funds $100,000 to Establish Mindfulness Lawn at TampaWell Community Garden | Tampa General Hospital

Bank of America Funds $100,000 to Establish Mindfulness Lawn at TampaWell Community Garden

Published: Mar 18, 2024

The grant will support a key mental wellness component at the community hub.

Tampa, FL (March 18, 2024) – Tampa General Hospital (TGH) has received a $100,000 grant from Bank of America to introduce the Mindfulness Lawn at the TampaWell Community Garden located on the campus of the TGH Family Care Center Healthpark in East Tampa.

The new outdoor community space will serve as a respite for Healthpark team members, patients and East Tampa residents to rest, relax and recharge in their own time or as part of a structured class, supporting community resiliency and overall wellness. Highlights of the Mindfulness Lawn will include shade, peaceful landscaping, flat places to move, music and water features. Examples of health education and fitness classes that will be offered include yoga, Zumba, boot camp and more.

“Tampa General has become a driving force in creating a healthier community and making Tampa the ultimate wellness destination in the U.S. today,” said Frann Leppla, Tampa General Sr. VP and Chief Philanthropy Officer. “With the incredible support of Bank of America, we’re making great strides in bringing accessible and sustainable community wellness resources to those who need it most.”

The TampaWell Community Garden and Food Pharmacy, which is built on the concept that “food is medicine,” establishes a unique gathering place at the TGH Family Care Center Healthpark that will nourish the bodies and minds of patients and residents in East Tampa.

“We’re committed to supporting the economic mobility of families in Tampa Bay. Mental wellness and access to nutritious food can be obstacles for families struggling financially,” said Bill Goede, president, Bank of America Tampa Bay. “Investing in projects like Tampa General’s TampaWell initiative in East Tampa helps to remove those obstacles for residents.”

TampaWell, activated by Tampa General Hospital in partnership with the city of Tampa, is a revolutionary health and wellness initiative focused on preventative health to reduce chronic disease and repeated hospitalizations, while supporting the city's most at-risk residents by addressing underlying social factors that impact health.

“Mental wellness has a significant impact on every individual’s quality of life, and just like movement and healthy eating, it’s a core focus of the TampaWell initiative,” said Rachel Bozich, ambulatory project manager at Tampa General Hospital. “The Mindfulness Lawn is a positive addition to our work in connecting the community to easy and accessible health and wellness resources that make a big difference on an individual’s quality of life.”

TampaWell is a collaboration of more than 80 local organizations, including community groups, businesses, social services agencies and health care providers. While Tampa already has a good foundation for promoting wellness – including a young and growing workforce, a good economic environment, and a solid infrastructure of fitness facilities and programs – data reveals that many area residents can benefit from greater access to health and wellness resources. Roughly 29% of adults in the city are sedentary, about 27% are obese, and 36% have hypertension.

The TampaWell Community Garden and Food Pharmacy and the Mindfulness Lawn are located next to the TGH Family Care Center Healthpark at 5802 N. 30th Street in Tampa. If you would like to learn more about supporting TampaWell, please reach out to the TGH Foundation at