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Empowering communities. Transforming lives.


TampaWell, activated by Tampa General Hospital in partnership with the City of Tampa, is a revolutionary health and wellness initiative with the goal of making Tampa the ultimate wellness destination in the United States. Our mission at Tampa General Hospital is to empower communities and transform lives. TampaWell is the embodiment of this mission. This endeavor focuses not only on preventative health to reduce chronic disease and prevent individuals from experiencing repeated hospitalizations; it also supports the city's most at-risk residents by addressing underlying social factors that impact health. This multi-year effort focuses on three areas: Regular movement, healthy eating and access to healthy food, and positive mental health.

Through collaboration with the City of Tampa and by engaging additional community partners, we can ultimately extend the wellness revolution to every neighborhood across our city. Here are just some of the innovative and exciting things we are working to accomplish in our first year.

  • Build and open the TampaWell Community Garden and Food Pantry: A unique gathering place that will nourish the bodies and minds of residents in East Tampa. Watch the Community Garden Ground Breaking.  
  • Promote Positive Mental Health: Establish and deliver positive mental health programs.
  • Deliver Healthy Connectivity: Launch the TampaWell smartphone app to spread the word and raise awareness of ways to be TampaWell.

Community Garden Ground Breaking

Become a Community Partner

TampaWell partners are critical to the success of our community programs. Learn more about how you can contribute to the health and well-being of the community by becoming a TampaWell partner.