TGH Digestive Diseases Institute Offers Dedicated Gastroparesis Clinic

TGH Digestive Diseases Institute Offers Dedicated Gastroparesis Clinic

Published: Mar 31, 2023

By Tampa General Staff

The TGH Digestive Diseases Institute is one of the only centers in Florida to offer a comprehensive Neurogastroenterology program. Specialists offer a full range of diagnostic and treatment options for conditions such as bacterial overgrowth, chronic nausea, constipation, diarrhea, fecal incontinence, functional dyspepsia, gastroparesis, intestinal pseudo-obstruction, IBS, and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Multidisciplinary Team — Full Range of Treatment Options

The Digestive Diseases Institute is committed to a multidisciplinary approach that includes gastroenterologists, GI surgeons, urogynecologists, pathologists, behavioral health specialists, nutritionists and physical therapists who collaborate to accurately diagnose and develop the most appropriate and effective treatment plans for each patient’s unique needs.

Dr. Joseph Sujka is a bariatric and general surgeon who specializes in robotic foregut surgery and clinical research. He has published over 30 papers on gut dysmotility and the treatment of foregut GI motility conditions.

“This isn’t a glamorous disease,” Dr. Sujka said. “One of my biggest joys is giving people the ability to eat again. That’s a big gift.” Ultimately, the gastroenterologists and GI surgeons at TGH strive to stabilize patients and set them on a path for the best quality of life and overall outcomes.

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