Innovation Inside TGH

Tampa General Hospital relies on its most valuable asset — its people — to drive innovation and improve everyday life for team members, clinicians and patients alike. That’s why TGH Ventures equips team members with the tools necessary to effectively share opinions, allowing us to break down the organizational barriers that can sometimes impede progress and invention. Examples of our efforts to encourage innovation within TGH include: 


IdeaHQ is a platform designed for identifying and crowdsourcing ideas and everyday solutions directly from our team members. This cross-department collaboration helps us turn ideas into innovations that change the way we deliver care here at TGH.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Innovation challenges are posted to the IdeaHQ platform on an ongoing basis and are tied directly to our broader strategic pillars. Individual departments within TGH can also utilize IdeaHQ to post challenges specific to their team members.
  2. Once a challenge is live, team members, clinicians and others from the TGH community can participate by submitting, rating and commenting on ideas.
  3. After the submission period closes, ideas, ratings and comments are reviewed and next steps are designed and announced.

The Hub

The Hub, conveniently located in the main cafeteria at TGH, showcases a new, innovative health care product every month. Live demonstrations of the product are easily scheduled, and team members can share their feedback (and win free gift cards!) by completing a brief survey about the product.

People at the Innovation Hub

The Patient Room of the Future

A brilliant example of TGH Ventures' commitment to innovation is our Patient Room of the Future. Featuring highly advanced yet common-sense technologies — such as electronic white boards that allow team members to effortlessly update and organize patient and care team information — the room includes multiple responsive design elements that help clinicians focus solely on patient care. TGH’s new intensive care unit currently features two “rooms of the future,” with more on the way.

Nurse entering patient information

The room of the future  Viewing the room of the future

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