TGH Cancer Institute Leading the Way in High Acuity Lung Cancer Surgeries | Tampa General Hospital

TGH Cancer Institute Leading the Way in High Acuity Lung Cancer Surgeries

By Tampa General Hospital

One of Few Centers in the Region for da Vinci-Assisted Thoracic Surgeries

The Lung Cancer Center of Excellence within Tampa General Hospital’s Cancer Institute is nationally recognized, with lung cancer outcomes that exceed national averages. From April 2020 and March 2021, Tampa General performed more high acuity lung cancer surgeries than any other hospital in the state.

TGH surgeons are experts in performing tracheal, mesothelioma and chest wall resections, and the team features surgeons specializing in intrathoracic parathyroid resections using the da Vinci Robotic Surgery System.

Tampa General is one of the highest volume centers for lung cancer in Florida

Surgeons at Tampa General have performed thousands of thoracic surgeries and over 500 da Vinci-assisted robotic procedures to treat patients with lung cancer. TGH cardiothoracic surgeons are fellowship-trained in robotic surgical techniques, which deliver more precision and, in many cases, better clinical outcomes.

Tampa General was the second medical institution in Florida to offer minimally invasive, robotic lobectomies and it continues to be one of the few centers in the region where patients have access to robotic laminectomies, segmentectomies, and thymectomies. Dr. Eric Sommers, cardiothoracic surgeon and medical director of the TGH Lung Cancer Center of Excellence, is a recognized national researcher who led Tampa General’s participation in a multi-center study to examine the effectiveness of robotic lobectomies as compared to open procedures and VATS. His robotic lobectomy technique for lung cancer has since been utilized to teach other thoracic surgeons.

Dr. Eric Sommers has performed more than 8,000 thoracic surgeries, including more than 4,000 for lung cancer

Under Dr. Sommers’ leadership, Tampa General’s Cancer Institute offers minimally invasive and open surgical techniques to treat complicated lung cancer cases, metastasectomies for sarcomas and other tumors, pancoast tumors, chest wall tumors, mediastinal tumors, including thymoma, germ cell tumors, esophageal cancer, and malignant pleural effusions.

Tampa General is also a recognized referral center and offers one of the most experienced programs for robotic thoracoscopic parathyroidectomies. This surgery has been beneficial to patients with hyperparathyroidism and ectopic parathyroid glands, where deep mediastinal lesions are difficult to reach using traditional surgical techniques.

Using the da Vinci Robotic Surgery System, Tampa General surgeons can reach difficult to access locations with techniques that can deliver less morbidity, three-dimensional optics, better precision and mobility with endowrist instruments, a stable camera platform, and better ergonomics for surgeons.



  • Experienced and proficient surgeons.
  • Advanced technology such as robotic surgery: The Intuitive da Vinci robotic surgical system, an advanced tool that helps surgeons operate in a minimally invasive way.
  • Proven and comprehensive protocols in the hospital that maximize high quality outcomes.
  • Comprehensive postoperative care delivered by experienced and caring providers.
  • A multidisciplinary team of intensive care providers, speech and respiratory therapists, and world-class nurses.