Maternity Support and Education

Expecting a baby is a very exciting time in your life! You probably have many questions related to the birth experience and have many decisions to make as you prepare for your baby.

Our Childbirth Education classes are designed to help you answer those questions and make some of your decisions easier. Descriptions of each class are below. Register via the link on the right.

Enrollment for most classes is limited to those who will be delivering their baby at Tampa General Hospital.

Women's Institute Tour

Free 30-minute English language tour of the Women’s Institute. Small children may have to leave the tour if disruptive. When registering for the mother and support person, only ONE registration is required for the couple. Please arrive 15 minutes before the tour begins to check in at the main entrance hospital entrance Registration Desk.  Please bring a current US government-issued photo ID or valid passport to register at the main entrance.

Cost: FREE
Register: To schedule a tour appointment, please call the Childbirth Education department at 813-844-8945.


Labor & Birth Preparation: Five-Week Series
This comprehensive five-week series of classes prepares expectant mothers and their partner for all aspects of labor, birth and the postpartum experience. A certified instructor will discuss signs of labor, when to go to the hospital, comfort measures such as breathing, relaxation, massage, visualization, analgesic, anesthesia and medical options. It is recommended to be taken near the 28th week of pregnancy if possible. Please bring a yoga mat and pillows. A tour of the Women's Institute is offered during week five.

Cost: $100 per couple
Hybrid E-Class: Labor & Birth Preparation
During the Hybrid e-Class: Labor & Birth Preparation, you will have the opportunity for a combined learning experience. Part one of the class will include online lessons about the birth process that include video clips, animations and interactive games. These lessons can be completed at home, at your own pace. Part two of the class will be four hours within a classroom setting to practice and apply what you have learned using the online lessons, with the guidance of a certified childbirth educator. Women's Institute tour not included.

Cost: $100 per couple
Breastfeeding Basics
This one-session class will provide you with information on the many aspects of breastfeeding your baby and will include a video presentation and demonstration. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding for the first 12 months of life. Many new mothers go back to work within a scheduled timeframe, while mothers who are staying home may want to pump and store milk for occasions that may require them to miss a feeding. Information regarding pumping breast milk, proper handling and storage will be included. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to be informed and empowered. Partners are encouraged to attend.

Cost: $35 per couple
Basic Newborn Care
New parents need to make many decisions as they care for their newborn. This one-session class will provide the guidance and support needed as parents go through “on-the-job training” during an infant’s first three months of life. Topics covered include infant bathing and dressing, various ways the infant communicates through crying, sleep patterns, signs of illness, when to call a care provider and the needs and adjustments of becoming a family.

Cost: $40 per couple
Location: In person and virtual options
Car Seat Check
This is a FREE car seat check provided by a certified child passenger safety technician. Appointments are required.

Please call (813) 844-8945 to schedule your 30-minute appointment. If you have more than one car seat you will need to schedule an appointment for each seat. Each car seat requires about 30 minutes to install.

Prior to your appointment, click here to view a video that provides an overview of car seat safety for rear-facing and convertible car seats. You will learn how to avoid the most common mistakes of car seat usage and review laws about car seat usage in Florida.

All packaging must be removed from your car seat and it must be ready to be installed.
Ready, Set, Granparent!
Ready, Set, Grandparent! prepares soon-to-be grandparents for the arrival of their grandchild. The class will focus on what may have changed since they were new parents, including prenatal care, preparing for baby, birth practices, baby care and parenting. The class also discusses how to transition from parent to grandparent, how grandparents can help the parents and SIDS prevention. Practice with dolls, including diapering, holding, swaddling and burping will be offered.

Cost: $25 per couple
Boot Camp for Dads
Get ready to hit the ground crawling! Boot Camp for New Dads is a workshop for all new and expectant dads. This program is offered through the Fathers Resource and Networking Center (FRANC) and TGH. Veteran Dads bring their one to six-month-old infants to teach new or soon-to-be-dads how to hold, diaper and care for their newborns. The challenges and joys of fatherhood are among the topics discussed during this one-session class for men only.

Cost: $20 (no father is turned away for inability to pay)
Boot Camp for New Moms
Boot Camp for New Moms is a separate moms-only class. Topics discussed include taking care of yourself as a new mom, how hormones can affect your thinking and actions, adjusting to going back to work or staying at home, breastfeeding realities and challenges, what new dads are going through and how you can bring out the best in your partner. During the last hour of the class, moms will join together with the Boot Camp for New Dads participants and learn how to make it through the first months of parenthood and become confident, balanced partners.

Cost: $20 (no mother is turned away for inability to pay)
Becoming a Big Brother or a Big Sister
This class is for children ages three to eight. Children are given a brief tour of the Women's Institute. Children are asked to bring a doll or stuffed animal from home to use to practice safe holding, diapering and feeding techniques. An age-appropriate story or video about becoming a big brother or sister will be utilized and each child will receive a graduation certificate. Parent must remain with child during this class.

Cost: $20 for the first child, $10 for each additional child