Throat Cancer Information

Throat cancer is a general term referring to several unique diseases. The four most common include:

  1. Squamous cell carcinoma, which develops in the cells that cells that line the throat
  2. Adenocarcinoma, which develops in the glandular cells of the throat
  3. Pharyngeal cancer, which develops in the nasopharynx, oropharynx, or hypopharynx
  4. Laryngeal cancer, which develops in the voice box.

Although all are classified as forms of throat cancer, each of these unique diseases develops, spreads, and responds to treatment in a different way. Therefore, patients are typically advised to seek specialty treatment from oncologists with extensive experience managing these specific malignancies.

Tampa General Hospital's ENT oncology specialists treat tumors of the sinus, salivary gland, oral cavity, throat, thyroid and parathyroid and endocrine gland. Because our oncologists have a high level of expertise treating cancers found throughout the head and neck, they’re able to recommend the most promising treatments while taking into consideration each patient’s unique needs.

Tampa General Hospital offers:

  • Surgery, including minimally invasive and robotic procedures that help reduce scarring and preserve vocal function
  • Chemotherapy, including novel drugs and drug combinations that studies have shown to be especially effective in the treatment of throat cancer
  • Radiation therapy, with an emphasis on targeted delivery techniques that help minimize radiation exposure of healthy tissues

Not only do patients have access to our complete range of throat cancer therapies, but also the supportive care services that reflect our commitment to comprehensive cancer treatment. This includes speech pathology services, dietary counseling, and extensive integrative medicine services to enhance their quality of life throughout recovery.

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