Minimizing Blood Loss | Tampa General Hospital

Minimizing Blood Loss

The primary strategy of our highly skilled medical professionals is to minimize blood loss during treatment. Special techniques, equipment and procedures that make blood conservation and bloodless care possible at Tampa General Hospital include:

Aquamantys System (Bipolar Hemostatic Sealer)

Medical device system used to reduce blood loss and avoid transfusion by sealing blood vessels in soft tissue and bone during various surgical procedures.

Argon Beam Coagulator

Surgical instrument that uses a beam of ionized argon gas to conduct a high-frequency electric current to bleeding tissues with limited tissue contact.

Cardiac Catheterization Procedures

Nonsurgical procedures such as laser angioplasty, balloon angioplasty, radio frequency ablation, and rotational atherectomy are often used as alternatives to bypass surgery.

Cell Saver (Intraoperative Blood Salvage)

Blood recovery system that continually cleans and recirculates the patient’s own blood during surgery.

Electrocautery & Electrosurgery

Meticulous surgical techniques that limit internal bleeding by clotting the patient’s blood during surgery.

Harmonic Scalpel

A device used to make surgical incisions with minimal tissue damage and minimal risk to patient.


Replacement of intraoperative blood loss without homologous blood transfusion.

Interventional Radiology

Image-guided, minimally invasive diagnostic and treatment techniques that often can serve as alternatives to open surgery.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Operative procedures done with minimal incision surgery.

Laser Beam Coagulator

A device that clots blood during surgery to reduce blood loss.


Ultrasonic waves are used to break up kidney stones.


Laboratory techniques that significantly reduce the amount of blood required for tests.

Pulse Oximeter

Non-invasive monitoring of oxygen concentration in the blood.

Robot-assisted Surgery

The da Vinci® Surgical System is the least invasive surgical treatment available enabling surgeons to perform even the most complex and delicate procedures through very small incisions with unmatched precision.

Stereotactic Surgery

Neurosurgical instrumentation used to diagnose or remove brain tumors with minimal blood loss.

Synthetic Erythropoietin & Intravenous Iron

Medications that stimulate bone marrow to produce more red blood cells.

Volume Expanders

Intravenous fluids that enhance blood circulation.