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Types of Childhood Cancer & Other Common Blood & Bone Marrow Disorders

Although cancer in children isn’t as common as cancer in adults, certain types of childhood cancer are more common than others. For instance, most children who are diagnosed with cancer are diagnosed with a form of leukemia, such as acute lymphocytic leukemia or acute myeloid leukemia. Pediatric cancers of any kind, however, account for only a small number of total cancer cases; the American Cancer Society estimates that less than one percent of all cancer diagnoses are made in children or adolescents.

At Tampa General Hospital, we have extensive experience diagnosing and treating all types of childhood cancer, from the relatively common malignancies to the rarer and more complex.

Our pediatric hematology/oncology program provides specialized care for children and teens with:

  • Leukemia
  • Brain and spinal cord tumors (collectively known as central nervous system cancers)
  • Neuroblastoma
  • Nephroblastoma
  • Histiocytosis
  • Lymphoma (including the Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin subtypes)
  • Rhabdomyosarcoma
  • Bone cancer (including Ewing’s sarcoma and osteosarcoma)
  • Retinoblastoma

We also treat patients with benign tumors and noncancerous blood and bone marrow disorders, such as anemia, thalassemia, coagulation disorders, sickle cell anemia, hypercoagulable state, Henoch-Schonlein purpura (HSP), Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), and hemophilia. Although less severe than most common types of childhood cancer, these conditions still require a highly specialized approach to treatment. With a team of surgeons, hematologists, medical and radiation oncologists, nurses, pediatric physicians, social workers, and supportive care providers ready to attend to our patients’ needs, Tampa General is fully staffed to provide comprehensive care for pediatric cancer patients. Pediatric cancer patients at TGH have access to a comprehensive range of treatments, from surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy to infusions and clinical trials.

As a member of the Children’s Oncology Group, Tampa General is actively involved in childhood cancer research, going beyond common types of treatment to offer the latest in hematology and oncology services. As a result of better diagnostic options and more effective therapies, cancer in children is far more treatable than it has been in the past. Pediatric hematology/oncology appointments are available to patients from birth through 21 years of age. In most instances, new patients can be scheduled within a week.

For a physician referral, please call 1-800-822-3627.