Revisional Bariatric Surgery | Tampa General Hospital


Revisional Bariatric Surgery Performed by Board-Certified Surgeons at Tampa General Hospital

Revisional bariatric surgery may be considered if a patient has experienced severe complications as the result of a previous weight loss operation, or if the initial procedure did not produce satisfactory results. However, certain types of weight loss surgery cannot be reversed; for example, a gastric sleeve can be converted to another type of surgery but cannot be fully undone.

We offer revisional bariatric surgery for patients who:


  • Have signs of significant scarring as a result of their previous surgery, or who have developed other complications such as ulcers, malnutrition, or chronic gastroesophageal reflux
  • Have decided to switch to a different type of weight loss procedure (e.g., converting from a gastric band to a gastric bypass)
  • Have not achieved their weight loss goals despite adhering diligently to post-operative lifestyle changes

Our surgeons are highly experienced and board certified. Our patients also receive care from a skilled team of specially trained endocrinologists, bariatricians, exercise physiologists, dieticians, clinical psychologists, and registered nurses. Together, our team helps each patient devise a one-of-a-kind plan for meeting his or her personal weight loss goals. And, our team understands the difficult and frustrating nature of a failed weight loss surgery, and can provide patients with individualized solutions in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. 

To learn more about revisional bariatric surgery at Tampa General Hospital, email  or call (813) 844-7473.