Pilonidal cyst removal is a common treatment option for individuals who have developed a pilonidal cyst, which is an abnormal pocket in the skin at the base of the tailbone, usually caused by an embedded hair. This condition is most frequently seen in young men. Risk factors that may contribute to developing a pilonidal cyst include leading and inactive lifestyle, being obese, and having an occupation that requires long periods of time in a sitting position.

If a pilonidal cyst becomes infected, it can be extremely painful, and home remedies or even prescription medications rarely are effective in providing relief. Typically, initial treatment will involve draining the cyst with a small incision. However, for many individuals, drainage is not an effective long-term solution, as pilonidal cysts have a tendency to reoccur. In these cases, a pilonidal cyst removal, also known as a pilonidal cystectomy, may be considered.

Pilonidal cyst removal is a more extensive surgery than cyst drainage, and involves completely removing the affected tissue. There are many different ways to remove a pilonidal cyst and your surgeon will discuss with you which option they feel is the most appropriate for your specific needs.

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