Pelvic Fracture Surgery 

Surgery can be used to stabilize a pelvic fracture and promote proper healing. 

Pelvic fracture injuries are fairly rare, but can be extremely painful and limit a patient’s mobility. Improperly aligned fractures can cause the pelvic bones to either not heal properly—which can worsen any hemorrhaging—or align in such a way that alters leg length (and can lead to the development of further skeletal problems). But if surgery to stabilize a pelvic fracture is performed properly, patients can get relief from pain and will be able to rehabilitate the area. 

Conditions Treated 

Pelvic fracture surgery will correct fractures and pelvic ring disruptions, which are typically caused by impacts experienced in car crashes, falls and sports accidents. Osteoporosis can also cause pelvic bones to become weakened enough to fracture more easily. 

Procedure Details 

The goal of pelvic fracture surgery is to align and stabilize displaced fractures in order to create the most effective healing process possible. This is done with internal and external methods, including: 

  • Externally aligning the iliac bones with pins, bars and clamps attached to a frame outside the pelvis 
  • Internally stabilizing the pelvis at the fracture site with plates and screws 

What to Expect With Pelvic Fracture Surgery 

After surgery, the patient will remain in the hospital until he or she is cleared by a physician and a physical therapist. The recovery period varies with the nature of the injury suffered and the surgical procedure, but patients can expect to use crutches for six to 12 weeks and return to normal activities within three to four months after successful physical therapy. 

Risks of this surgical procedure include: 

  • Complications from anesthesia 
  • Blood clots 
  • Infection 
  • Bleeding 
  • Effectiveness 

When proper alignment and stabilization occurs, pelvic fracture surgery is effective at relieving pain and helping patients get back to life as usual within a matter of months. Tampa General Hospital’s board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons use cutting-edge technology to give patients undergoing pelvic fracture surgery world-class treatment and care—and the best chance to quickly get back on their feet.