TGH is One of the Region’s Leading Transplant Centers for Pancreas Transplant Patients

As one of the leading pancreas transplant centers in the region, Tampa General Hospital takes a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to care for adult patients who require a pancreas transplant because they have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, type 1 diabetes, renal failure, or another condition that prevents the body from producing a necessary amount of insulin. Notable facts about TGH’s Pancreas Transplant Program include:

  • Since the program was founded in 2001, approximately 300 total pancreas transplants (pancreas only, pancreas after kidney, and combined kidney / pancreas) have been performed.
  • According to the latest data released by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients in July 2015 for pancreas transplant centers nationwide, the one-month and one-year survival rates for patients receiving a pancreas only transplant or combined pancreas / kidney transplants are 100 percent, exceeding the national averages for those categories.
  • The median times to transplant in TGH’s Pancreas Transplant Program are among the shortest in Florida and the nation. On average, half the transplant candidates on the combined kidney / pancreas waiting list receive new organs in 3.0 months, and half the candidates on the pancreas only waiting list are transplanted within 8.7 months of listing.

As with other pancreas transplant centers, Tampa General Hospital has criteria that potential transplant candidates must meet to be accepted into the transplant program and placed on the transplant waiting list. Transplant candidates must be referred to TGH’s Pancreas Transplant Program by a physician via our pancreas transplant referral form. All patients who are referred to TGH will be evaluated individually, and our Medical Review Board will determine whether placement on the wait list or other treatment measures would be the best course of action.