Tampa General Hospital now offers cardiac rehabilitation in the comfort of your own home through our trusted partner, Recora.

Tampa General Hospital now offers cardiac rehabilitation in the comfort of your own home through our trusted partner, Recora. If you select this program, we will send you a Cardiac Recovery Kit, which will include exercise equipment, an internet-enabled tablet for your virtual sessions, and health devices for nurses to monitor your activity during each session and ensure your safety.

We are able to get you started in as soon as two days, and participation is easy as you do not have to travel to a facility. If you've had any heart event or surgery, you may be eligible for this program. If interested, please click here to fill out the interest form and a member of the Recora team will contact you.




A Phased Approach to Cardiac Rehabilitation

Phase 1 - Evaluation

Phase I of the recovery process begins while a patient is in the hospital after a cardiac event. Once the patient is able to walk, a physical therapist will perform an evaluation to determine what the patient is able to do physically at a baseline. This sets the stage for the next phase of rehab.

Phase 2 - Rehabilitation

Phase II is a 12-18 week outpatient program consisting of two-three sessions per week of progressive monitored exercise. Patients will be evaluated and given the choice of completing cardiac rehabilitation either in-person or through our at-home virtual option for care with our trusted partners, Recora. Our dedicated team includes exercise physiologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurse clinicians, and other medical staff who will create a highly personalized plan for the patient, based on his or her overall health, condition and treatment goals. The patient’s heart rate and heart rhythm are continuously monitored with a mobile ECG telemetry system throughout the Phase II program to ensure the safest possible environment.

During this phase, the patient is also provided educational materials, support group resources, and counseling regarding heart disease, diabetes, medications, nutrition and weight loss, stress management, mental health, risk factor identification, modification, and smoking cessation.

Our on-site physician reviews the patient’s exercise program and their progress throughout Phase II. Once cleared, the patient can graduate from Phase II.

Phase 3 - Graduation

Upon graduation from Phase II, patients are eligible for Phase III, which is an individualized exercise program designed to last the patient's lifetime.  We will either help the patient find a suitable local gym, or refer you to Recora, our virtual rehab partner, for options in continued care.

Frequently Asked Questions about Recora

What is Recora?

TGH has partnered with Recora to provide a virtual cardiac rehabilitation program you can complete in the comfort of your own home. Our staff consists of clinicians, dietitians, and exercise specialists who will provide personalized sessions based on your health history, medications and physical strength.

Why should I participate in home-based cardiac rehab?

Cardiac rehabilitation can help many individuals achieve their recovery goals and avoid a repeat visit back to the hospital. Home-based cardiac rehabilitation is proven to be safe and effective, and allows you to participate from the comfort of your own home when it works best for your schedule.

What happens when I'm in the program?

First, you will meet with one of Recora's orientation exercise physiologists to discuss your health goals and clinical history. They will create a personalized treatment plan for you and will tailor it to your needs throughout the duration of your time in the program.

Then, based on your treatment plan and schedule, you will be matched with a session exercise physiologist. You will meet with them 2-3 times a week to go over exercises and health coaching throughout the 12-18 week program. They will also keep in contact with your TGH care team to provide updates. Recora also offers group education sessions.

What if I haven't used this technology before?

The Recora team has developed this platform with users in mind to create a seamless experience. If you need assistance connecting to sessions, please contact 1-888-RECORA-1 (888-732-6721).

What will my copay be?

Cardiac rehabilitation is a covered Medicare program and most supplemental insurance should cover any copay. Please verify all information with your insurance plan.

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