Non-Surgical Weight Loss Programs Offered at Tampa General Hospital

Tampa General Hospital’s non-surgical weight loss program is designed to educate and empower individuals who are committed to losing weight and improving their health. These programs equip patients with the tools they need to set realistic, attainable goals and then achieve them – even if previous attempts at weight loss have been unsuccessful. Because we emphasize sustainable lifestyle changes and provide essential compassion, support, and encouragement, we make it possible for patients to attain meaningful, life-long results. When necessary, pharmaceutical support is also provided.

Our program is designed to help patients:

  • Discover their actual caloric needs through metabolic analysis
  • Improve their nutritional habits through sensible choices and portion control
  • Develop healthy relationships with food
  • Gradually produce results and maintain them for life

Patients who are enrolled in our non-surgical weight loss program have the opportunity to work with a team of specialists, including a bariatrician, dietitian, and clinical psychologist. Patients begin the program with a physical exam and a review of health goals. They are then scheduled for weekly office visits, which enables them to develop meaningful relationships with their care team. Other components of this physician-supervised weight loss program are monthly labs, vitamins and nutritional supplements, and moderate daily activity. Pharmaceutical interventions may also be offered if indicated. Completion of the non-surgical weight loss program will help patients implement lifestyle changes that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.  

To learn more about the medically supervised weight loss program offered at the TGH + USF Health Bariatric Center, email or call (813) 844-7473.